Do you want to pass your ICAO English Test FIRST time?

Then you must be SURE you are practicing exactly the right material

A NEW kind of Test-Practice course has been developed that will stop you making all the common mistakes other pilots have made.

1.- You will easily learn the EXACT skills you need, to pass ANY ICAO English test.
2.- Then you will practice and strengthen your new skills with the interactive, practice simulator - just like you do in a flight simulator. Watch this video, to learn more.
PIE Demo
PIE Demo

The NEW Practice ICAO English (PIE) course:

UNLIMITED use for €0.55 per day, or less
FREE Bonus gifts (worth €107) to keep FOREVER
Fully interactive - keeps you focused & interested
You are GUARANTEED better results
Gives you EXACTLY the right practice FOR ANY TEST
Designed by ICAO English examiners to avoid all the common mistakes pilots make.

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Common reasons why pilots fail their test:

They "practiced the wrong material"
They "didn't prepare at all"
They "thought they were a higher level than their examiner did"
They "had low confidence"
They "thought the test would be easy…"
They "were confused by the UNEXPECTED FORMAT of the exam questions"
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100% Money Back Guarantee

PIE Website

We're going to help you avoid all these common mistakes with this NEW online course.

The Course Includes
PIE Website

5-Module, Interactive Learning Course

Gives you ALL the skills you need to pass ANY ICAO English test, including aviation vocabulary, how to describe normal & abnormal situations in photos, videos and audio. Each study module is worth €27

PIE Website

PIE Website

5-Module, Interactive Practice course

Acts as a "test-question simulator". Get all the practice you need, for your new skills. Record and hear yourself; get the PERFECT practice, and you are GUARANTEED to improve.

PIE Website

PIE Website

Study Notes PDF

5 PDF documents with ALL the key information from the Learning Course (above). Print these charts and use them to help you learn.

Plus these FREE bonus gifts:
PIE Website

PIE Website

TWO bonus "interactive" lessons in Aviation English

Lesson 1: English for emergency landings (45 min). You will learn important Aviation English language using video & audio of a heroic emergency landing of a 737 full of passengers, with the nose gear jammed at 90 degrees.

Lesson 2: English for Runway-Safety (45 min). Learn & use important runway-safety vocabulary to help you avoid incursions. Practice listening, to recognise these words. Answer questions on videos about new runway markings. Learn why pilots MUST know the "Present Perfect" tense in English.

PIE Website

PIE Website

Benchmark ICAO English test

After using the PIE Learning Course, & PIE Practice Course, boost your confidence: Check your ICAO English level with this Interactive e-learning test (161 questions), before taking your ICAO test.

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And even more*...

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"Get all this - when you buy the PIE course for as little as €12.25 /month"

I like the layout – it's easy to use. It's helpful for pilots and ATCO's to practice the main ICAO linguistic descriptors. Everything is relevant and professionally developed. Congratulations for this very important training alternative.William Aranda Arrese – Aeronautical Training Consultant.

Your PIE course shows your expert knowledge of the field, and focuses on what is really important for pilots and controllers, a wonderful opportunity to master aviation english language skills in a very efficient way.Elena Samoilova – Aviation English Trainer, Tatarstan Airline

This "PIE" course can help candidates for ICAO ELP tests pass first time around. It has been very carefully planned and structured: you learn and practise and there are study notes… Being able to record your own voice is particularly interesting as it then enables you to listen and correct any problems with pronunciation & fluency. The PIE course covers all aspects demanded by ICAO for English Language Proficiency. It is entertaining, fun, thorough. Well done!"

Judith Hinton – Chief Ground Instructor at Adventia, European College of Aeronautics – Teacher of Aviation English and VFR & IFR Communications

A very good course for any pilot who needs to improve their level or prepare for an ICAO English test. Lesson material is all relevant and the study notes are also great because they allow you to make notes. I will recommend this to my friendsJoaquin Gibert – Examiner/Rater, ICAO English Proficiency

I liked [the free lesson] - finding it very interactive, not tedious and helpful. I specially enjoyed how it "forces" you to learn English by using real life situations, using concepts such as TEM/CRM as in the Avianca accident example.Jesus Camejo Hernandez – ATPL Pilot